3 Pool Water Products Every Dallas Pool Owner Should Have

3 Pool Water Products Every Dallas Pool Owner Should Have | Dolphin Pool Supply and Service Dallas Texas

Dolphin Pool Supply and Service believes that the key to good swimming pool chemical maintenance is to consistently follow a 3-step maintenance program. A few minutes a week can do wonders for your swimming pool’s look and feel. You can really take your pool water to the next level with a 4th step we’ll cover a little later in this article!

Step 1 – Sanitizer

Every pool owner that uses chlorine to treat their pool water needs to start with a high-quality chlorine tablet. All chlorine tablets are not created the same! Dolphin Pool Supply and Service recommends the high-quality Poolife MPT Extra tablet to maintain that all important day-to-day chlorine residual. It is highly compressed, which means you don’t have a lot of broken tablets and pounds of powder when you get to the bottom of the bucket. The MPT Extra means that it is a multi-purpose tablet. It has a scale inhibitor, water softener, water clarifier, and algae-fighting crystals all built right in! These tablets are a great foundation for your routine 3-step maintenance plan!

Step 2 – Shock

Shocking your pool water is another critical step for routine pool water maintenance. With swim use and organic compounds entering the pool from outside, your chlorine becomes “tied up” with ammonia and nitrates, not allowing it to do an effective job of sanitizing your pool water. Shocking the pool oxidizes, or burns off these contaminants, allowing your chlorine to do its work. Your pool water should be shocked at least every one to two weeks, and more frequently with heavy use or extreme heat or rain. Dolphin Pool Supply and Service recommends the best shock available today: Poolife TurboShock. Its 75% minimum available chlorine means that it is the strongest you can buy! Extra strength Poolife TurboShock shock treatment works extra fast to combat algae and bacteria. It dissolves quickly, completely, and keeps pool water sparkling clean and clear with less work.

Step 3 – Preventative Algaecide

A good algae preventative is another essential step to trouble-free routine pool water maintenance. It’s the extra step needed to keep algae from running rampant in your swimming pool. Dolphin Pool Supply and Service recommends Poolife Defend + algaecide as one of the three pool water products every pool owner should have. Add an initial dose, and follow up with a few ounces each week to maintain that awesome, algae-free water that all pool owners love to see! This algae preventative has a water clarifier built-in so it helps you keep that pool water sparkling!

Well, that covers the three pool water products that every pool owner should have, BUT WAIT! Here comes a BIG BONUS!

Step 4 – Water Enhancer

Dolphin Pool Supply and Service is very proud to tell you about our 4th step. We believe in this product so much that we will offer our customers an algae-free guarantee if they add it to their regular maintenance program! And the best part is that it’s added only one time per year in normal circumstances. We are talking about Ultima Endure or Pool Proof. These are the absolute best products for swimming pool water care that we have ever come across in almost 50 years of swimming pool care! 

It makes the water feel softer and better on the eyes and skin, clarifies and flocks the water, giving it the most sparkly blue look imaginable. Our customers say that their swimming pool sparkles like diamonds! It has scale-inhibiting properties and is all-natural. One of it’s best properties is that it affects algae’s ability to process it’s food. Don’t get caught in the never-ending battle of removing phosphates, adding a weekly dose only to eliminate one of algae’s food sources, clogging up your filter and requiring more work from you! All it takes is a once-a –year addition of either the granular Endure or liquid Pool Proof, and you’ll be swimming in the finest water you can enjoy!!!

Bring a sample of your pool water into one of our stores and get started on a solid 3 or 4 step pool maintenance system and make taking care of your swimming pool as easy as 1, 2, 3…………4!


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