3 Steps To Creating A More Cost Effective Pool

When asked, many who dream of owning a pool will tell you that they haven’t “taken the plunge” yet because they’re afraid of the costs associated with pool ownership. 3 Steps to Creating a More Cost Effective Pool | Dolphin Pool Supply DallasNot only are there the regular maintenance costs, but there are the additional utility costs and repair costs. Fortunately there are a variety of things that pool owners can do today to create a more cost effective pool, starting with:

1. Downsize Your Pump

All too many pools out there – especially those that are a decade or older – are outfitted with pumps that are too large, meaning that you’re using a whole lot more energy than you need to be without reaping any benefit.  One of the best renovations that pool owners can  make today is to change their pump to one that’s smaller, and one that can be run at variable speeds.

2. Opt For Salt Before Chlorine

Chlorine may be the “classic” choice for keeping your pool waters clean, but more pool owners are taking the time to renovate their pools this fall and install a salt water chlorinator so that they’ll have a salt water pool in the spring.  Apart from being a cost effective solution to keeping your pool clean, salt water pools also:

  • Are softer on the skin than chlorinated pools
  • Demand less maintenance
  • Are a safer choice for many with medical conditions
  • Reduce the need for dangerous chemicals

3. Choose LED Lights

We’ve all heard about how changing the lighting inside of your home to energy efficient bulbs can save us a ton on our utility bills, but many homeowners have completely overlooked changing the lighting in the pool.  LED lights are definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a long lasting cost effective solution.  LED lights also come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so you can add some customization to your pool for cheap.


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