3 Ways to Accessorize Your Flower Mound Spa

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Accessorizing is an underrated part of fashion, and the same goes when you’re talking about spa hot tubs. Although Jacuzzi hot tubs themselves can be quite luxurious, many customers prefer to spice up their spa with little additions to improve their experience. While there are many options for accessorizing your Flower Mound spa hot tub, these Jacuzzi hot tub accessories are very popular for their versatility, safety and long term value.

Hot Tub Cover with Spa Scenes

Hot tub covers are a must have accessory for both the safety of your children and pets and the protection of your spa. Covers will also help keep your hot tub’s water chemistry in check and hold the heat in. But just because they are a necessity, doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive! We love these Jacuzzi hot tub covers customized with beautiful Spa Scenes. They’re the perfect way to camouflage your cover when the spa hot tub is in use while also creating a beautiful, calming oasis right in your Dallas or Flower Mound backyard!

CLEARRAY® Water Purification Retrofit Kit

Jacuzzi’s CLEARRAY® Water Purification System is now standard on all new models, but if you purchased your hot tub in 2006 don’t worry. Like most Jacuzzi hot tub accessories, CLEARRAY® can be retrofitted to bring older models the latest in spa innovation. This system uses UV-C technology to purify and soften your spa’s water so you can enjoy clean, safe water without the unpleasant odor and side effects of strong chemicals.

Jacuzzie Smart Step

Finally, when it comes to customizing your Jacuzzi hot tub, accessories that make the spa more accessible and improve the function will offer the best long term value. That’s why we always recommend the Jacuzzi Smart Step. Made of sturdy, long-lasting plastic, the Smart Step makes getting in and out of your spa hot tub a breeze. Its non-slip treads and portable design offer safety and convenience without taking away from the beauty of your hot tub. Just store it out of the way when not in use! 

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