4 Ways You Save with a IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump

If you have been into our stores recently or talked to one of our service techs, you have probably heard about the Pentair IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump.

4 Ways You Save with a IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump | Dolphin Pool Service and Supply Dallas

Did you know that this pump will pay for itself in 18-24 months?

There are at least 4 GREAT WAYS that this pump will save you money:

#1 – Save Money on Your Energy Bill

If you have an inground pool with an attached spa, your pool was probably equipped with a 2.0 horsepower pump when it was built. This means that your pump is using approximately 20 cents of electricity per hour.

When we put an IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump on this pool, we are able to drop the energy consumption by approximately 75% during the normal filter cycles. Instead of spending 20 cents per hour, you are now spending 3-4 cents per hour. That is a real time savings of nearly $700.00 per year! 

#2 –Save Money on Filter Repairs

The IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump provides a measure of protection against crushed filter grids and manifolds. This is because the variable speed pump runs at a much lower RPM, and put a lot less pressure on your filter.

Standard high pressure pool pumps tend to be very unforgiving on filters. If you forget to backwash or if your pool is flooded, your filter pressure can quickly jump, crushing the grids and cartridges. Because a variable speed pump runs at a lower RPM, it is is much gentler on your filter.

#3 – Save Money on Pump Repairs

Over the course of ten years, this pump will save you over $1000 in pump motor replacements, plumbing repairs and pump repairs.

Pool motors used to last up to ten years, but a few years back the manufacturers quietly changed from copper core motors to aluminum core motors, which run MUCH hotter (and heat is the #1 enemy of a pool motor). Today’s standard motors are warranted for one year and they typically last only 2-3 years.

The variable speed pump uses a permanent sealed magnet motor that runs MUCH cooler.  Based on the HUNDREDS of these pumps we have sold over the past 6 years, we anticipate that these motors will last 10 years or more.

#4 – Save Money on Poolsweep Repairs

If you are running a pressure side cleaner (such as the Polaris 360 that does not require a booster pump), your pool cleaner will run for as many hours as your pool pump runs. This creates a LOT of wear and tear on your pool cleaner (bearings, gears, belts, etc.) over the course of a few months.

With the IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump, you can set it so that your poolsweep only runs two hours per day (when your pump is in the higher speed). This will save hundreds of dollars over the course of a few years.


1.  We have extensive experience with Pentair IntelliFlo Pumps.

At Dolphin Pools, we have been selling installing the Pentair IntelliFlo Pump for over 5 years. We know how to set the pump up for maximum energy savings.

2.  We optimize the pump for maximum energy savings.

If the pump is not properly installed and optimized, you will not realize your full energy savings. Once we have the pump plumbed and wired up, we optimize the various speeds on the pump and the various valve settings on your system in order to get the best flow and appearance at the lowest energy draw.

3.  You get a full 3 year warranty when the pump is professionally installed.

If we professionally install the pump, you will receive a full 3 year manufacturer’s warranty on the pump that includes parts and labor. And because we are also a Pentair warranty station, we’ll come out ourselves in the unlikely event of a problem, instead of sending some other warranty company that you don’t know.

4.  We provide full instruction on the pump.

Our installation technician will take the time to instruct you on the operation and programming of the pump. If you are unavailable at the time of installation, he will come back at a more convenient time to make sure you understand your new pump.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give our service manager a call at 214-357-0446.


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