6 Simple & Smart Energy Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool

6 Simple & Smart Energy Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool | Dolphin Pool Supply & Service Dallas Texas By Wayne Kamper, Service Manager, Dolphin Pool Supply & Service 

My wife and I built our home 10 years ago. One year later we added our beautiful pool.  In convincing my wife that we needed the pool, her first question was will it increase the cost of our electric bill. I told her, not that much, maybe $50 per month. Boy was that a lie. Our new pool was finished at the end of March 2006. Our April electric bill was $250 more than the previous month.

I have upgraded my pool equipment to be more energy efficient over the years. Now my pool electric bill is less than $35 per month. There are several things you can do to get your bill lower as well. 

The number one thing that will help with energy savings is to install a variable speed pump. We sell and install the Pentair IntelliFlo VS pump. The IntelliFlo pump provides the ability to change the pump run speed based upon what the pool actually needs. By running the pool pump at the lowest speed possible, the pump uses considerably less electricity. The beauty of this pump is it can be programmed to ramp up speeds when needed, for example, if you have a spa attached to your pool.  

Overworking your pool pump can cause higher electric bills. If you routinely clean out the pump basket, your pump will work more efficiently.

Keep your pool filter clean. Keeping the filter clean will allow water to flow more freely through the filter and enable the pump to work more efficiently.

Use a Tetraborate product. By adding PoolProof or Endure to your pool you will prevent algae growth and therefore not need the pump to run as much. If you have ever been so unfortunate as to have an algae bloom in your pool, you understand that the pump has to work extra duty. 

Monitor your pool pump run times. Chances are, you may be running your pool pump more than you really need to. The general rule of thumb is to filter all of the water in the pool at least once per day. For example, if your pump moves 60 gallons of water per minute and your pool is 20,000 gallons, your pump should be set to run between 5 ½ and 6 hours per day. You are typically not going to gain any advantage by having the pump on more often.

Lastly, by simply making sure that all of your pool equipment is operating properly and leak free will go a long way in saving energy costs. Pumps that are in disrepair, dirty filters, leaking plumbing and old equipment all add to a higher electric bill. 

These are the six simplest steps to take in order to save real money on your electric bill.  Call us today for an evaluation of your pool equipment. We will assess the equipment and find real solutions to save you money on your utility bill.


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