April Showers Brings Pool Flowers?

Ok, maybe not flowers but blooms of a sort- algae blooms! The month of April typically brings warmer weather and heavy rain showers, so it’s even more important to keep an eye on your Dallas pool’s water chemistry. As our weather heats up, so does your pool water, making it the perfect breeding ground for algae. When the heavy rain falls, it introduces algae spores into your pool water. If left unchecked, these spores quickly multiply to form what’s known as algae blooms or algal bloom, large green-blue areas of small plant-like organisms. They’re not pretty to look at and certainly not fun to swim in! They can stain your pool tiles and be a nightmare to get rid of. Prevention is the key. The best way to protect your Dallas swimming pool from algae blooms is with a pool safety cover and regular water testing and water treatment.

Pool Cover

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends pool covers to all pool owners as a layer of protection from accidental drowning for small children. But pool covers also have the added benefit of protecting your swimming pool from Dallas weather. Keep your pool covered during spells of heavy rain or any time you plan on being away from home for an extended period. This can help protect your water’s delicate chemical balance and keep algae at bay.

Water Testing

With regular water testing, Dallas pool owners can keep a close eye on pH levels. Heavy rains raise the pH level in your pool, compromising the chlorine’s ability to combat algae growth. You can test your pool water yourself, or bring your water sample in to us and we’ll test it for you while you wait. If your pH is out of balance, we can suggest a treatment plan to restore it to recommended levels.  

Water Treatment

We recommend a ph level between 7.2 and 7.6 to maintain a clean and healthy pool environment. If your level is higher than 7.6, you can bring it down by adding acid in a powder or liquid form to your pool water. Do this in the recommended amounts regularly until the pH level is corrected, then use a high quality shocking treatment, like BioGuard® Burn Out, to kill off any algae spores that may already be lurking in your water. There are also a range of effective algae products that can inhibit the growth of spores. If you’re unsure about the best products for correcting pH imbalances and preventing algae growth, ask one of our knowledgeable Dallas pool service professionals. We’re here year round to meet all of your Dallas pool maintenance needs!


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