The Benefits of Borates in Your Swimming Pool

We’ve recently had a lot of folks asking us if they should add borates to their swimming pool. Our answer is YES! Borates do so many things for your pool and the water in it. Borates are found throughout nature and are used for a variety of applications. For pool owners, they provide a safe, cost-effective way keep your swimming pool looking healthy & clean. 

Eliminates Carbon Dioxide

First and foremost it acts as an algae eliminating chemical by driving the carbon dioxide out of the water. Algae needs carbon dioxide to exist. By removing the source of the problem, you are preventing the chance of a green pool later on. 

Extends Chlorine

There are other added benefits for adding borates. Borates make the chlorine in the water more effective, leading to less chlorine use overtime. Chlorine lasts longer at the right pH (7.6 to 7.8). Borates serve as a buffer to your pH so you don’t have that horrible pH bounce.

Promotes a Silky Finish

Borates make the water much softer giving the pool water a silky feeling on your skin and will even reduce the amount of calcium build up on the tile. Pool scaling will often occur when pool water is very acidic. Since borates act as buffers preventing pH from creeping up, it prevents this from happening.  

The Benefits of Borates in Your Swimming Pool | Dolphin Pool Supply Dallas

At Dolphin Pool Supply & Service, we offer two great borate products. Both are equally effective at keeping algae out of you pool. PoolProof is a liquid product that stands alone.  Endure is a granular product that requires a pH decreaser to go along with it. We believe these are the best products on the market today. 

We currently have many weekly service pools on the borate program and those customers love the benefits it provides. Call us today to have one of our pool cleaning specialists add this wonderful product to your pool or simply stop by and pick some up yourself.


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