The Best Pool Remodeling Ideas for Your Dallas Pool

The Best Pool Remodeling Ideas for Your Dallas Pool | Dolphin Pool Supply and Service Dallas TexasIn the middle of Dallas’ hot summers, there is nothing more cooling than going for a dip in your pool. Pools not only provide a refreshing break from the heat but also increases a property’s market value as well. Yet, what happens if your pool is starting to look a bit old or falls into disrepair? Many homeowners decide to go with swimming pool repairs and add one or two or three small touches to remake their pool into a place where they can spend all of their free time. Here are just a few pool remodeling ideas to consider for you Dallas pool. 

Pool Restoration: Resurface and Refinish 

While some pool owners want to jump right into comprehensive changes, perhaps the most effective way to update your pool is by resurfacing or refinishing. 

In the pool remodeling industry, resurfacing means replacing or refurbishing the coating that makes the pool’s surface smooth and shiny. this coating is important for both aesthetic and quality reasons. The right kind of finish will take the pool to the next level: it affects how the sun bounces from the bottom, the comfort of your feet as you ease into the pool and walk around, and the color and texture scheme as it fits with the rest of your outdoor area. In terms of quality, a high-class surface finish will provide a longer, more durable shelf life. There are many pool finishes tho choose from, starting with a marble dust finish that makes the pool sparkle, to colors and rock or glass finishes. 

Pool Restoration: Decking Changes 

Many pool owners spend just as much time next to the pool as inside of it. That is why the decking, usually the area that surrounds the pool, can have a great impact on your overall pool experience. You can choose from several different options, including poured or decorative concrete, stone, or pavers. In terms of your pool’s edge, possibilities come in rough cut, rolled edge, cantilevered and bullnose designs. You can even re-top your existing surface that will completely change your look. 

Pool Restoration: Visual Enhancements

Finally, nothing can add the finishing touch to any pool remodeling project more than a visual enhancement. These types of enhancements, through the ‘chic’ factor it radiates to visitors, greatly increases how fun it is to use your pool. Popular options include a waterfall, water slide, jets, fountains, beach entry, and lighting features. 

To discover more ideas for your pool remodeling in Dallas, please visit our pool remodeling page. 


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