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Featured Pool Products

The Pentair Intelliflo SVRS Pump Can Save You Thousands of Dollars a Year

Variable speed pumps are a very popular type of pump many pool owners choose because of their energy efficiency and quiet motor. Although there are many different types of variable speed pumps on the market today, nothing quite compares to the Pentair Intelliflo variable speed pump. This pump has its own built in timer and controls all programs in your backyard: main Read More

6 Specialty Pool Products You’ll Love This Summer

With all the pool products on the market today, it can be hard to find the ones that will have the biggest impact on the look and enjoyment of your pool. Here we’ve made it easy on you by singling out six specialty pool products that you’ll love having around this summer! From innovative floats to hard-working, multi-tasking chemicals, these products are d Read More

Easy Dallas Pool Renovations with Diamond Brite Plaster

Renovation OptionS When it comes to renovating your Dallas pool, there are several options to give it a fresh look. One method to improve the pool’s appearance is to redo the plaster. Standard white plaster has been a longtime friend to pool owners, but white is no longer the only option. Pool plasters now come in various aggregates to improve the look of the pool a Read More

Using a Gas Pool Heater or Solar Cover to Save Money

If you want to heat your pool but aren’t interested in spending hundreds of dollars on heating, you may want to consider either a gas pool heater or a solar cover. Both of these options are far less expensive than traditional pool heating pumps and will easily allow your pool to be used during more mild days. Gas Pool Heaters A gas pool heater is far more energy-eff Read More

Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pumps from Dolphin Pool Supply

Are you still thinking about changing over to a variable speed pump?   These have become the pool pump of choice for pool owners. Here are some other things to consider:  Variable speed pumps typically save our customers 75% on their electric bill.  The motors on variable speed pumps last up to 5 times longer than standard pool motors  Variable speed pumps run mu Read More

Fiberoptic Pool Lighting, from your Dallas Pool Service, Dolphin Pool Supply & Service

Are you one of those folks who has an old Fiber Optic system that no longer works?  Looking for options? We have systems made by Zodiac (Jandy), Fiberstars and Nexxus Lighting that are designed to directly replace your old Fiber Optic lighting. This provides you lighting that is generally much brighter than your old fiber optic lights, and can be directly controlled Read More