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Why You Should Winterize Your Pool and How to Do So

Why You Should Winterize Your Pool and How to Do So

Your backyard pool is your paradise and you should be taking care of it. Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your pool. If you’d like to continue using your pool year after year without major hassles, this is a critical step in proper pool maintenance. Purpose of Winterization During the winter, things get cold. Just as plants c Read More

Dolphin Pools’ Guide to Pool Pump Repair

It is very discouraging to walk into your backyard and hear the unmistakable, high pitched squeal of a pool pump gone bad. If you have never heard this sound, consider yourself lucky. It is an ear piercing noise that will send you running for the pool equipment power switch. Do not fret, all is not lost. Replacement motors are readily available and can be installed in Read More

Dolphin’s Automatic Pool Cleaner Comparison Guide

There are many different types, styles, brands, and models of automatic pool cleaners out there. The model that is best for each swimming pool is up for debate, but one thing that everyone can agree on is that every swimming pool owner should have one! They save an incredible amount of time and labor, keeping your swimming pool debris-free, without a lot of work on yo Read More

The Most Energy Efficient Pool Heater for Your Dallas Pool

With the drop in temperature outside, it is much more pleasant to be outdoors this time of the year. You can extend your swim season by having Dolphin Pools install an Eco Friendly swimming pool heater just in time for fall  and winter months, and you can do it cheaper than ever. With a new energy efficient pool heater, you can save money up front on the purchase pri Read More