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Pool Maintenance

How to Protect Your Pool Against Texas Freezing

How to Protect Your Pool Against Texas Freezing

Freezing temperatures are here. What can you do to protect your pool equipment during a freeze? Here are a few tips to help you out during a hard freeze. Make certain the main pool pump is running continuously while the temperature is below freezing. You should have a freeze protection device that will automatically turn the pump on when the temperature drops to aroun Read More

Why Your Pool Needs a Winter Checkup

This could be your pool very shortly. Winter storms can wreak havoc on swimming pools and the filtration systems. Very often, these storms creep up on us and happen very quickly in Dallas area. A unexpected, harsh winter storm can cost you thousands of dollars in repair costs to your pool if you are not prepared. Since we do not typically winterize swimming pools he Read More

Dolphin’s Pool Care Troubleshooting Guide

Here’s the bad news. This is the time of year where problems with pool filtration systems start raising their ugly heads. Pool filtration systems were pushed to the limit this year in particular. We started the year off with torrential rain storms and flooding. Then the filtration systems had to endure an extended summer with above 90 degree temperatures well Read More

Phosphates and Pool Chemistry: A Different Take on the Subject

> There is a lot of discussion about phosphates and swimming pool water these days. There are also millions of dollars of phosphate removers sold in America every week to take them out of swimming pool water, and theoretically prevent algae from growing. The problems with this approach are that 1) phosphates are only one of algae’s food sources, removing them consta Read More

What are the Causes of a Green Pool?

Dolphin Pool Supply and Service has always maintained that most swimming pool issues boil down to either water chemistry or filtration and circulation. A green pool is no different. 1. Chemistry Issues More often than not, a swimming pool starts turning green due to a lack of chlorine. The free chlorine level should be maintained between 2.0 and 3.0 parts per million. Read More

6 Simple & Smart Energy Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool

By Wayne Kamper, Service Manager, Dolphin Pool Supply & Service  My wife and I built our home 10 years ago. One year later we added our beautiful pool.  In convincing my wife that we needed the pool, her first question was will it increase the cost of our electric bill. I told her, not that much, maybe $50 per month. Boy was that a lie. Our new pool was finished Read More

3 Pool Water Products Every Dallas Pool Owner Should Have

Dolphin Pool Supply and Service believes that the key to good swimming pool chemical maintenance is to consistently follow a 3-step maintenance program. A few minutes a week can do wonders for your swimming pool’s look and feel. You can really take your pool water to the next level with a 4th step we’ll cover a little later in this article! Step 1 – Sanitiz Read More

Opening for Spring: Swimming Pool Chemistry, Water Testing, & Balancing

Here at Dolphin Pool Supply and Service, we believe that a consistent 3 or 4 step pool care system is the key to success when it comes to maintaining your pool. Our Pool Care Maintenance program is built on the high-quality poolife® MPT Extra™ System. This system comprises of the proprietary and patented 4-in-1 poolife® MPT Extra™ chlorinating tablets which chlo Read More

Swimming Pool Chemical Safety and Handling Tips

A good knowledge of swimming pool chemical storage safety is an important part of being a responsible pool owner. Here at Dolphin Pool Supply & Service, we care about you and your family. Here are some helpful tips on how to properly handle and store your chemicals.    Storing Chemicals                        Read and follow instructions caref Read More

The Benefits of Borates in Your Swimming Pool

We’ve recently had a lot of folks asking us if they should add borates to their swimming pool. Our answer is YES! Borates do so many things for your pool and the water in it. Borates are found throughout nature and are used for a variety of applications. For pool owners, they provide a safe, cost-effective way keep your swimming pool looking healthy & clean Read More