Dallas Pool Remodeling Ideas

In the middle of Dallas’ hot summers, there is nothing more cooling than going for a dip in your pool. Pools not only provide a refreshing break from the heat but also increase a property’s market value as well. Yet what happens if your pool is starting to look a bit old or falls into disrepair? Many homeowners decide to go with swimming pool repairs and add one or two or three small touches to remake their pool into a place where they want to spend all of their free time. Here are just a few pool remodeling ideas for your Dallas home.

Dallas Pool Remodeling Ideas | Dolphin Pool Supply and Service Dallas Texas

Pool Restoration 1: Water Line Tile

The first place to start with pool remodeling is your tile line. The eye goes right to the tile and water line, so new tiles can make a big impact on your pool’s appearance. There are hundreds of tile types to choose from. Some pool tiles look like slate and come in many colors. Some tiles have a shape or pattern as part of their look. Sizes also vary, from many small pieces to a large single 6” x 6” piece. Be sure the tile you choose is made for swimming pools. Bathroom or kitchen tile are not guaranteed to withstand the constant exposure to chemicals and elements. Pool tiles are frost proof and glazed, and appear as flat, low gloss, glossed or shining. When selecting your tile, also consider the grout color. White grout has been used traditionally, but now you can choose a colored grout that will blend with the color of your tile and the coping around the nose of the pool.

Pool Restoration 2: Coping Repair or Replacement

Another high impact pool remodeling element is new or repaired coping. Coping is what goes around the pool’s nose area. It has a look of a pre-cast 2’ x 12” man-made concrete, part of a deck pour or cantilevered nose, natural cut or random flagstone or bull nose brick. This “coping” or nose around the pool can really go a long way in updating your pool’s over all look. When coping and tile are color coordinated, it can really bring the pool design together with the surrounding landscape for one unified outdoor space. It is your chance to really enhance the beauty of your deck and how it matches the nose around your pool.

Pool Restoration: Resurface and Refinish

The final touch of your pool remodel will be the resurface or refinish of the plaster. In the pool remodeling industry, resurfacing means replacing or refurbishing the thin plaster coating that makes the pool’s surface smooth and shiny. This coating is important for both aesthetic and quality reasons. The right finish will take your pool to the next level: it affects how the sun bounces off the bottom, the comfort of your feet as you ease into the pool and walk around, and the color and texture scheme as it fits in with your tile, coping, and the rest of your outdoor area. In terms of quality, a high-class surface finish will provide a longer, more durable “shelf life”. There are many plaster surfaces to choose from. White, Pool Tite, Diamond Brite light and dark, Durrazzo and River Rock are a beautiful in their own way. While some owners want to jump right into comprehensive changes, perhaps the most effective way to uplift your pool is by resurfacing or refinishing.

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