Dallas Swimming Pool Exercises for Seniors

Embrace the last weeks of Dallas swim season with these swim exercises for seniors! If the water proves to be too cold in the pool, try out the same exercises in your backyard hot tub!

One of the biggest myths believed today is that seniors, because of their age, somehow get a “pass” to be less active. While seniors do face unique challenges when it comes to exercising, the pool is a fantastic place for anyone of any age to get in a fantastic work out.

Yoga Triangles

Here’s how you can take advantage of this aquatic version of the triangle:

  • Stand so that you are one arm’s length away from the wall. Senior Swimming Pool Exercise | Dolphin Pool Supply
  • Hold out your right arm and have your right fingers touching the wall.
  • Spread your legs so that they are close to 3 feet apart.
  • Raise your left arm and bend it over your head so that it is arched towards your right arm.  Push your left foot down and hold the pose for three breaths.
  • Repeat for the other side.

Leg Pushes

To do this exercise, all you’ll need is a pool noodle or a similar floating device that you’ll be able to fit around your foot. Then, to start:

  • Take your right leg and bend it at the knee (create a 90-degree angle), raising it so that your upper thigh becomes parallel with the water.
  • Place the water noodle around the bottom of your foot and then push it down until your leg is straight. Then, slowly and smoothly allow your leg to rise, and then bend your leg again at a 90-degree angle.
  • Repeat anywhere from 10 to 15 times, and then switch to the other leg.

Arm Circles

To perform this exercise, you’ll need to get a bit deeper into the water. Move into an area where the water will be up to your neck as you stand next to the edge of the pool. Then:

  • Stand so that one foot is in front of you and the other behind (this will help keep you balanced and stabilized).
  • Extend your arms out from your side, keeping them just below the top of the water.  With your arms straight, keep your palms down and begin to make circular motions, going faster and making tighter circles as you go.
  • Do this for up to 15 seconds, and then reverse the direction and complete for another 15 seconds.


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