Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance Tip: Pool Chemistry Changes in Fall Weather

When it comes to Dallas swimming pool maintenance, one question that a lot of pool owners ask is if the temperature of a pool can affect the chemistry of a pool.  While there’s no specific temperature that a pool should be set at, for the most part, the waters should be anywhere between 75°F to 85°F.  When the temperatures begin to drop in the fall, this will have an affect on your pool’s water chemistry.  Pool owners should pay attention to this, not just because it may make the water less comfortable to swim in, but also because the decrease in outdoor temperatures can negatively affect the pool’s chemistry.

Why Cold Water Can Ruin Your Pool

Whenever the temperature of your pool water ventures outside of that comfortable 75°F to 85°F range, the water becomes more corrosive.  This means that your pipes can become permanently damaged, your equipment can be forever destroyed, and your pool itself will likely need costly repairs in the not-too-distant future. Dallas Swimming Pool Maintenance TipsThe pH is also likely to increase in the fall thanks to an increase in rain water, snow, and debris.  When the pH levels increase and the chlorine sanitizer levels begin to diminish, the conditions become ideal for the growth of pesky algae.

How to Maintain Water Temperatures in the Fall

When the sun’s blazing summer rays are no longer strong enough to keep your pool water warm, savvy pool owners know that they’ll need to depend on their heaters so that the waters can stay at optimal levels.  Most heaters are:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solar powered

The size and the type of heater that you would select for your pool will depend greatly on both the type of pool in your backyard as well as its size.  You may also want to strongly consider investing in a solar cover for your pool.  These covers, even in the cooler months, can help maintain your pool’s temperatures, which will also save you a bundle in energy costs. — For professional pool leak detection, repair, pool cleaning, pool maintenance and service or water chemistry assistance in the Dallas area, contact Dolphin Pool Supply and Service. To find more helpful tips on caring for your pool, subscribe to our blog or find us on Facebook. Dolphin Pool Supply & Service is a full service pool retailer serving Dallas and Flower Mound with two locations. We offer a full range of pool and spa equipment, pool and spa chemicals, pool toys and games, and Jacuzzi hot tubs. We also provide expert pool cleaning, pool maintenance and pool remodeling throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.

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