Dolphin Pool Maintenance: What Causes Offensive Chlorine Odor?

Dolphin Pool Maintenance: What Causes Offensive Chlorine Odor?

It’s a common urban myth that swimming pools have a strong chemical odor due to the use or overuse of chlorine. Let’s shatter that myth once and for all. A properly maintained, chemically balanced pool will have a fresh and clean odor, even when over-chlorinated.

The real culprit is called a chloramine. These pesky little buggers are one of the most irritating compounds in swimming pool water, causing a distinctive smell, burning and reddening of the eyes, and may even cause some skin irritation. 

Chloramines are formed when chlorine, in the process of doing its work, combines with ammonia and nitrates, creating the offensive odor causing substance. Ironically, the source of the ammonia, nitrates, and other substances that cause chloramines is the swimmer. We bring those compounds into the swimming pool ourselves. Think perspiration, body oil, and even urine.

“Clean swimming” goes a long way in preventing these pesky chloramines from forming. Take the time to bathe or shower before entering the pool to remove hair mousse and gel, hair spray, anti-perspirant, and other residues from your body.

The real fix or preventative for this issue is to “shock” the swimming pool water with granular chlorine, or non-chlorine shock. Talk to out professionals about the quantity and frequency of shock needed for your swimming pool. This will “burn off” the contaminants combined to the good chlorine, and allow it to go back to its business of killing bacteria and preventing algae.

It will also take care of that nasty chemical odor, leaving you with a clear, fresh and clean smelling swimming pool!


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