Dolphin’s Pool Care Guide: Troubleshooting Cloudy Hot Tub or Pool Water

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Take a look at that clear, blue, inviting water in the picture above! That’s the kind of pool and spa water that everyone is after. Heck, you could tell someone the date on a quarter in the bottom of that pool. Well, not really, but you get the idea. There’s nothing better than clear pool and spa water! And the best way to keep your pool and spa water looking that way is consistent routine maintenance, keeping on top of it and never letting it get too far out of hand, like the pool water pictured below.

Cloudy Water

Cloudy water is typically caused by filtration issues or chemical imbalance in both pools and spas. Determining which of these is the culprit can be a bit of a process, but if you’ll follow these steps listed below, you’ll have a systematic plan that should take care of most cloudy pool and spa water issues. 

Step 1: The most common cause of cloudy pool and spa water is out of balance total alkalinity and pH. Adjust these levels before doing anything else. Bring a water sample to one of our retail locations for a free, professional computerized water analysis, and we’ll tell you exactly what you need to do in order to get these levels within the proper ranges. Then begin to investigate the filtration system.

Step 2: If you have a pool, ask yourself some questions. Does the pool filter need to be backwashed? If the filter is running 8-10 lbs. higher than the clean pressure normally shown on the filter’s pressure gauge, it needs to be cleaned or backwashed. If you have a diatomaceous earth filter, make sure that you are adding the correct amount of DE, and that you do not see the DE returning back to the pool as you are adding it into the skimmer. This would indicate the need for some repair to the filter. A spa filter is a little easier to deal with. Check the filter cartridge. You may need to chemically clean the cartridge with the Brilliance spray and rinse filter cleaner. This should be done at least twice a year as a part of your normal maintenance routine. If the filter is over a year old it is most likely time to replace it.

DolphinStep 3: If the pool filter does not return to the normal starting pressure after backwashing or cleaning, the filter needs to be taken apart and manually cleaned, and the filter media chemically cleaned with Poolife Filter Cleaner.

Step 4: Make sure that the pump and skimmer baskets have been cleaned. Check them for cracks and holes while emptying them. Spas should be flowing water as normal. If you are experiencing reduced water flow, or getting an error message on the spa side display, there may be something in the system that needs repair.

Step 5: Retest the Total Alkalinity and pH, and make sure they are within the ideal range.

Step 6: Shock the pool with Poolife TurboShock shock treatment. TurboShock is a high powered shock that clouds the pool water less than other shock treatments. Remember to wait until the chlorine level drops to between 1 and 4 PPM before re-entering the pool. For a spa you will shock the spa with Brilliance bromine or chlorine concentrate if the sanitizer level is low when you test it, or an oxidizing shock if the sanitizer level is good.

Step 7: Use poolife TurboBlu water clarifier per the label directions to assist in clarifying the pool water.

For your spa you can use Brilliance water clarifier. 







If these steps do not work within a couple of days, it indicates a need for a closer look at the filtration system, or more drastic measures with the pool and spa water chemistry. Keep in mind that spas need routine draining of the water, especially if the chemistry has gotten out of hand. Consult with our pool and spa professionals at your local Dolphin Pool Supply and Service for further assistance.


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