Dolphin’s Pool Care Troubleshooting Guide

Here’s the bad news. This is the time of year where problems with pool filtration systems start raising their ugly heads. Pool filtration systems were pushed to the limit this year in particular. We started the year off with torrential rain storms and flooding. Then the filtration systems had to endure an extended summer with above 90 degree temperatures well into October. The number one issue we see in the fall is clogged pumps due to the falling leaves. Unfortunately, in order to remove debris from the pump impeller, the entire pump must be disassembled.

Other common issues are dirty filters, and worn out or leaky pumps and heaters not working. One of the most pressing issues this time of year are freeze protection devices. If your freeze protection is not working properly it could be catastrophic to your pools plumbing and equipment. If you do nothing else, make certain that the freeze protection is working. Freeze protectors can be tested by placing the sensor in a cup of ice water with the equipment off. After a few seconds the freeze protector should turn the pool pump on. If the pump does not turn on, replace the freeze protection device.

Lastly, a dirty pool can prove to be problematic as well. If you let your pool fill with leaves several things can happen. First and foremost is the staining of the pool surface. Clogged lines are a direct result of too much debris getting into the plumbing of the pool and causing lines to clog. Clogged lines can be cleared by using high pressure air to blow out the line in reverse of the normal water flow.

The good news is that Dolphin Pool Supply & Service is your one stop pool place to resolve all your pool issues. Our service department offers a wide variety of services to take care of any and problems or concerns you may with your pool. The better shape your pool is during the off season, the less work you’ll have to face come spring and summertime!

have. We have licensed technicians on the ready to get you pool running in perfect operating condition. If your pool is dirty, we fix that too. We have a fleet of cleaning vehicles on standby waiting to get your pool cleaned back up in a flash. Call us today for an appointment and let us show you what customer service really is.


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