Dolphin’s Pool Opening Checklist for Spring

Dolphin's Pool Opening Checklist for Spring | Dolphin Pool Supply Dallas Texas The temperatures in North Texas are on the rise, and sooner than you realize it will be swimming pool time! We’ve put together a pool opening checklist to help you get your swimming pool ready for the spring, starting with: 



1. Start Early

You will often find things that you need on sale if you start early. You’ll also have time to deal with unforeseen issues that may pop up that may require your assistance such as equipment repairs or replacement. 

2. Fill the Pool and Empty the Baskets

The first step is always to fill the pool to the proper level. This is usually the mid-point of the tile at the waterline. You’ve got to have enough water in the pool to keep your skimmer from sucking air and causing the pump to cavitate and run dry. Similarly, you will need to empty the skimmer and pump baskets, as well as check them for cracks or holes.

3. Clean the Filter

For DE filters, this is the perfect time to take them apart and manually clean them, as well as inspect the internals for problems. Cartridge filters and DE grids need to be soaked in a cleaning solution, rinsed, and put back into the filter. If you have a DE filter, be sure to use the correct amount of DE following every backwash. There are sand filter cleaners that can be added to them to clean the sand. You’ll want to start the cleaning process with a clean filter.

4. Get the Pump Running

Now is the time to identify leaks or other problems and correct them. Lubricate the Oring under the pump lid, check for normal pressure on your filter gauge, and just evaluate the flow visually.

5. Have the Water Tested

Take a pint of water into Dolphin for the most advanced testing available. We will evaluate it, and give you step by step instructions to balance it correctly. You will want to heavily shock the pool with chlorine to get things started for the new season. 

6. Add Chemicals and Shock

Add the recommended chemicals to balance the water and then shock the pool! Use at least a double dose of shock (2 lbs. per 10,000 gallons). We sometimes even triple or quadruple dose the shock, if the pool is severely covered in algae and you can’t see through the water at all.

7. Keep the Pump Running and the Filter Clean

The pressure on the filter will rise very rapidly as the pool filter clogs up with the debris you are filtering out. Make sure you keep an eye on the filter gauge and clean the filter or backwash if it rises 8 to 10 lbs. above the normal clean pressure. DE filter owners, make sure you add the correct amount of DE after each backwash. If you short the DE because you think it’s clogging up too fast, you can damage the grids inside the filter.

8. Manual Cleaning

It’s time to start scooping the leaves out with a leaf rake or a leaf bagger. Brush the walls with a good nylon brush, or a stainless steel brush if there is a lot of algae. The more organic material you get out of the pool, the better your chemicals will work. Brush often and keep on taking debris out as it accumulates. Some vacuuming may be needed to get the fine debris off the bottom and into the filter.

9. Recheck Chemicals, Adjust, and Check Them Again

It’s important to monitor the chemical balance while this process is going on, as the balance will be volatile and change frequently. The chlorine will be used up quickly, and you will need to shock the pool regularly during the cleanup.

10. Visit Dolphin and Report on Your Progress

We will be here to help you through it. We will explain what is happening during this process and help you with each and every step you take to get your swimming pool ready for spring!


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