Easy Dallas Pool Renovations with Diamond Brite Plaster

Renovation OptionS

When it comes to renovating your Dallas pool, there are several options to give it a fresh look. One method to improve the pool’s appearance is to redo the plaster. Standard white plaster has been a longtime friend to pool owners, but white is no longer the only option. Pool plasters now come in various aggregates to improve the look of the pool and to give it a level of uniqueness. Diamond Brite is a type of plaster that offers quality aggregate finishes to pools. Additionally, it is formulated to resist stains, etching, and rapid deterioration caused by harsh pool chemicals. It is composed of quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals; therefore it can withstand much of the natural wear-and-tear pools go through, extending the ideal appearance of your pool. Since it has the durability of a diamond, it is unlike many marble based pool plasters that can age more quickly.

The Power of Color

You can easily change the feel of your pool area by choosing a different plaster color. A simple color change can make a dramatic difference. Cool tones, such as light blues, can create a calm, refreshing oasis. Darker tones like emerald or deep blue can add a dramatic appearance to your pool. You can see the incredible effect a colored plaster can make in the two pictures below. The pool on the left features a cool tone, and the picture on the right utilizes a deeper, dark plaster.

diamond brite, dolphin pool supply diamond brite, dolphin pool supply


Both pools use Diamond Brite plaster. Their plaster is specifically formulated to make your pool’s surface appear multi-colored and unique, especially in the Dallas sunshine!


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