Fall Storms Are Coming: Prepare Your Pool for a Storm in 15 Minutes

Here we are closing in on the end of summer. We are just right around the corner from those terrible unpredictable fall storms. There are steps you can take to save yourself extra time & money cleaning up the aftermath.

  1. Prepare your pool chemically to prevent the pool from turning green by boosting the chlorine level a little. A couple of extra pounds of shock will raise the chlorine level enough to account for the mass water addition to your pool.
  2. Before the storm hits, make sure to empty the skimmer baskets so that the leaves and debris blown in from the storm have somewhere to go.
  3. Clean out the pump basket so that there is good water flow through the pump.
  4. Backwash your filter. This does two things for you. It will lower your water level a little preventing the pool from overflowing and it ensures that there is optimum flow through the filter allowing for better filtration.
  5. Remove and stow all floating pool toys from the pool. Floating pool toys tend to end up in your neighbors yards after a storm.
  6. Remove any glass tabletops from anywhere near the pool so that debris or hail will not break them and allow broken glass into the pool.
  7. Remove and stow any lightweight deck furniture that may end up in the pool during the storm.
  8. Remove portable grills from pool area.

Following these eight simple and preventable steps that will offer relief from the cleanup of your pool after a nasty fall storm. These storms tend to sneak up on us rather quickly and because it is still so hot outside we are still using the pool and are not prepared. Not to worry, these steps can be completed in as little as 15 minutes.


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