How to Keep Your Pool Cool in the Dallas Heat

How to Keep Your Pool Cool in the Dallas Heat | Dolphin Pool Supply Dallas Texas

Hot, triple-digit summer days call for lots of lounging around your cool, refreshing backyard pool. Unfortunately, given this Dallas summer heat, most pools end up feeling like a warm bath instead. In order to help you keep your pool cool even in this unbearable Texas heat (at least until the end of September), we have a couple of tips to share!

Run Your Pump at Night

A simple way to reduce your pool’s temperature by a few degrees is to circulate your swimming pool water at night. The primary cause of warm pool water is lack of circulation. Pool water ends up absorbing and retaining the heat of the summer sun. By turning on your pool pump at night, you’re able to chill the water a few degrees. If your swimming pool has features such as fountains or waterfalls, you can turn those on as well to accelerate the cooling process. If you’re on the market for a new pool pump, you may want to consider a reverse-cycle heat pump. This pump allows you to cool or heat your pool on demand.


Install Aerators, Fountains, or Waterfalls

Water features not only enhance the look of your backyard pool, they can accelerate or maintain the current pool temperature. Similarly, you can attach aerators to your pool. Aerators are knobs that attach to the walls of your pool and sprays tiny droplets of water back into your pool. Oxygen is reintroduced in those tiny droplets and makes the pool feel much cooler. If you have any questions about opening the pool valve to turn on your aerator, call Dolphin and we’ll be happy to help!


Invest in Pool Coolers

Pool coolers are a great option for keeping your pool at a nice temperature. Much like a pump, water runs through these coolers and passes by cold air from the Glacier unit’s fan. The chilled water can then be pumped back to your pool creating a 10-15 degree difference in temperature.


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