How to Use Your Dallas Swimming Pool This Fall

The temperature outside may begin to drop as fall approaches, but that doesn’t mean that you have to shut down your Dallas swimming pool for the year. Your pool can be used year ‘round for a number of different activities.

Get Active

Why not extend the life of your pool and go for a swim this fall? Get the heater going for those chillier October days and continue to use your pool before the temperatures dip closer to the freezing point.

Not a fan of swimming? Then those looking to get a bit of exercise can easily do their very own “aqua-size” or aquatic exercises in the privacy of their backyard. You can use a number of things that you likely already have on hand to enhance your water workout (such as a pool noodle or a milk carton filled with water), or you can purchase floating dumbbells and other pieces to add resistance and increase your strength.

Get Decorative

Pools don’t only need to be used for swimming; they can also be used to enhance the Fall Pool Decorations | Dolphin Pool Supply Dallas Texas appearance of your backyard at any time throughout the year. One of the simplest and most elegant ways to get decorative with your pool this fall is to create floating paper lanterns.  If you plan on having guests over for a backyard barbecue, this will be sure to please. All you need are some lunch bags, sand, Styrofoam and battery-operated votive candles to piece together these easy lanterns.  You can even purchase or make lunch bags that match the theme of your special event.

Another great idea to help make your pool the focal point of your backyard is to float flowers in the water. Wider-based flowers tend to work best (such as orchids and gerbera daisies), though you can also purchase silk flowers (these tend to stay afloat better than real flowers).

Lastly, visit your local pool store and see if they have any portable pool fountains that you can use to spruce up your yard. If you’re purchasing it close to the end of summer or in the fall, you may be in for some great discounts. 


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