Maintaining Your Dallas Swimming Pool in Summer

Dallas swimming pools need regular maintenance in the summerIt’s summertime and with the pool is in use constantly, you can’t afford to have something go wrong. Here are a few tips to keep the pool in the best shape for the prime swimming season. Be on the lookout for algae and treat it as soon as you see it. Green algae clings to the walls and can clog your filter or create surface damage. Mustard algae looks a lot like sand or dirt in the bottom of the pool, so it’s easy to sweep it away and assume it was nothing. It will return quickly so be sure to chemically treat it once you discover that it wasn’t dirt.

Pay attention to the clarity of the water. If you treated your water and it’s still murky or hazy, that can be caused by poor filtration. Clean the filter and check the water circulation, both of which will play a role in the how clear your water is. Because summer brings about hot temperatures, the pool water can evaporate and lead to water loss, which will affect the pool’s equipment. Be sure to check water levels and designate a day or two a week to add water. Another great way to prevent evaporation would be to keep a cover on your pool when not in use. Always clean the pool daily. Create a weekly schedule of when you brush the floors and walls, scrub the waterline, vacuum the entire pool and skim it. With the pool in use so often, bodily oils,  suntan lotion and oil and chemical residual can wreck havoc on the water.

Keeping the pool clean will help keep it in use longer. — For professional pool leak detection, repair, pool cleaning, pool maintenance and service or water chemistry assistance in the Dallas area, contact Dolphin Pool Supply and Service. To find more helpful tips on caring for your pool, subscribe to our blog or find us on Facebook. Dolphin Pool Supply & Service is a full service pool retailer serving Dallas and Flower Mound with two locations. We offer a full range of pool and spa equipment, pool and spa chemicals, pool toys and games, and Jacuzzi hot tubs. We also provide expert pool cleaning, pool maintenance and pool remodeling throughout Dallas and Fort Worth.

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Dolphin Pool Supply provides swimming pool supplies and services in Dallas and Flower Mound.

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