Opening for Spring: Swimming Pool Chemistry, Water Testing, & Balancing

Here at Dolphin Pool Supply and Service, we believe that a consistent 3 or 4 step pool care system is the key to success when it comes to maintaining your pool. Our Pool Care Maintenance program is built on the high-quality poolife® MPT Extra™ System.

Opening for Spring: Swimming Pool Chemistry, Water Testing, & Balancing | Dolphin Pool Supply & Service Dallas Texas

This system comprises of the proprietary and patented 4-in-1 poolife® MPT Extra™ chlorinating tablets which chlorinate, clarify, prevent algae and soften pool water, the quick dissolving poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment and poolife® Defend+® algaecide for algae removal.

Just a few minutes a week are all you need to ensure sparkling-clean water all season long. Our fourth step is the once-a-year addition of borate to the program. This product provides you the finest pool water possible, and makes all of your other chemicals work better and more efficiently. There are two forms of borates that we recommend, granular Endure or liquid Pool Proof. Either of these added to our 3-Step Chemical Maintenance program gets you an Algae-Free Guarantee! 

When it comes to testing and balancing the water chemistry, there are a few things to remember.

1. Test total alkalinity weekly and increase with Poolife Alkalinity Plus.

2. Daily test pH and adjust in the range of 7.4 to 7.6.

3. Test free chlorine daily and maintain at 2.0 – 3.0 ppm using Poolife MPT Extra tablets in a 4 lb Floating Chlorinator. Super-chlorinate or shock with chlorine shock every 7 to 14 days in the summer (or 30 days in winter) or anytime chlorine drops below 1.0 ppm.

4. Have long-term water chemistry checked, such as copper, iron, calcium hardness, TDS, and stabilizer 4 times a year.

5. Take the water sample at elbow length and away from skimmer and return lines.

6. Replace solutions each spring and store out of the sun.

7. Compare test against a white background (plastic card).



Free chlorine                                    2.0 – 3.0  ppm


pH                                                  7.4 – 7.6 ppm                                                                                                


Total alkalinity – all pools                  80 – 120 ppm                  *Always adjust to high end of range


Cyanuric acid                                 40 – 100 ppm


Calcium hardness (Plaster Pool)      200 – 500 ppm          


Calcium hardness (Fiber Tech)        300 – 500 ppm


T.D.S. (total dissolved solids)        1000 ppm or below


Copper and iron                             0 ppm


 Endure/Pool Proof                   70 ppm


When correcting chemical balance, do so in this order:

1. Metals – copper and iron         

2. Total alkalinity             

3. pH                                                

4. Cyanuric acid

5. Calcium hardness

6. Chlorine


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