Outfitting the Backyard: Outdoor Living Tips from Your Dallas Swimming Pool Experts

Outfitting the Backyard: Outdoor Living Tips from Your Dallas Swimming Pool Experts

Outfitting the backyard with patio furniture is much like decorating a room in your house. You pick a color scheme, see what furniture fits in the space you have, choose items that blend together and end up creating an area that has a theme of its own. And much like interior design, the options for designing the backyard are endless. Patio furniture is available in many materials: plastic, aluminum, wrought iron, wicker and wood.

In order to decide which one to choose, you have to understand how each one works in the elements.

Aluminum furniture does not rust and is defined as pretty much indestructible. It can be cleaned with warm soapy water and is fairly lightweight. Wrought iron is much heavier, and because it is powder coated, if the paint chips, it becomes susceptible to rusting. It can also be cleaned with soapy water.

Wicker is a popular choice, but it’s not very durable. It is weather resistant and easy to clean, though. Wood furniture will weather over time, creating a gray tone that is far fetched from the original look. Each year you’ll need to clean the wood and reseal it to last longer.

Once you choose your furniture, you’ll need to pick cushions and pillows. Be sure to choose fabrics that are water and UV resistant so they can last longer against the elements. When it’s time to pick the fabrics, don’t be overwhelmed, there are so many colors and patterns to choose from that will help make your backyard a perfect retreat outside the house.

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