Phosphates and Pool Water Chemistry: A Different Take on the Subject….

There is a lot of discussion about phosphates and swimming pool water these days. There are also millions of dollars of phosphate removers sold in America every week to take them out of swimming pool water and theoretically prevent algae from growing. The problems with this approach are that phosphates are only one of algae’s food sources, removing phosphates constantly clogs the pool filter, and phosphates are continually introduced into the pool, making it a weekly routine that never stops and can be very expensive. Most swimming pool owners get the feeling that they are chasing their tail with phosphate removal, and in reality, they are.

Phosphates and Pool Water Chemistry, a Different Take on the Subject… | Dolphin Pool Supply and Service Dallas Texas

Dolphin Pool Supply and Service has taken a different approach to phosphates for many years and has had tremendous success using Borate technology to interfere with algae’s ability to process its food, rather than eliminating one of algae’s food sources. We pioneered the use of Borates in the North Texas area back in the mid-80s, becoming the first pool company in the country to offer an Algae Free Guarantee, and have long since perfected the use of Borates in swimming pool water. Our simple program allows us to prevent algae effectively, without clogging the filter, and we only have to add the product once a year, rather than once a week.

Borate users also report some outstanding benefits that all swimming pool owners love. They talk about how the water feels silky smooth and doesn’t dry their skin or hair anymore. It’s much more comfortable to the eyes, as Boron is used in most eye drops today. It is also a natural clarifier and flocculent, leading to the most sparkling blue water that you can imagine. They all talk about the new shade of blue they see from their pool after adding borates to the water. Heck, it even helps prevent scale formation! 

Call or visit us with us about Borate technology and what it can do for you and your swimming pool. Don’t get caught in the trap of adding phosphate remover every week, take life a little easier and add Borates once a year instead!


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