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Weekly Spa Service

Spa Maintenance for Dallas & Flower Mound

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Weekly Spa Service

Keeping your spa sanitary, clean, crystal clear and ready to use is our top priority, and we are great at it. There really is a lot that goes into spa maintenance. Why not protect your investment by having your spa professionally maintained by Dolphin Pools? We are North Texas’ premier spa service company. This is what you get with our weekly service:


  • Vacuum spa
  • Add water
  • Test water, adjust water chemistry
  • Clean filters per manufacturer recommendation
  • Wipe down around the top of the spa, water line and around the pillows


  • Drain, clean and sanitize the spa
  • Fill the spa and balance the water chemistry
  • Clean the filters with filter cleaner
  • Clean the spa cover and treat with protectant
  • Clean the stainless steel handrails
  • Inspect the spa equipment (pumps and controls)
  • Check the ozonator or UV system

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Weekly Spa Service

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