Protect Your Investment: Reasons Why You Need Professional Pool Service

Protect Your Investment: Reasons Why You Need Professional Pool Service | Dolphin Pool Supply & Service Dallas Texas Aside from your home, your swimming pool is the most expensive investment on your property. There are many issues that can happen to your pool or pool equipment that have a snowball effect. Incorrect or lack of water chemistry mismanagement can lead to costly damage to the pool surface and pool filtration equipment. Undetected leaks can cause pumps to burn out and incredibly high water bills. Filters that are not maintained properly can lead to swampy water and destroy filter components. The list is endless!  The only way to prevent these things from happening to you and your pool is to spend real time monitoring your swimming pool balancing water chemistry, checking equipment, cleaning the filters, etc. on a regular basis. 

Dolphin Pool Supply is Always Here to Help! 

For pool owners who do not have the time to take care of their swimming pools, we have a solution for you. We offer a weekly swimming pool service where we can come out to your home every week to do all of this and more for you. A huge advantage that many pool owners get from allowing us to handle weekly pool service is prevention. Not only will our team take care of your ongoing pool needs, but we will make bring attention to and make recommendations for any concerns we believe would cause future damage to your pool. Having us doing all of the service your pool needs will give you peace of mind knowing that your investment is being protected by professionals and costly damage is being prevented. In the event an issue does arise, our licensed technicians can resolve any problem quickly as to avoid a small issue turning into a much larger one. Call us today for your pool service estimate: (214)357-0446. 


About Dolphin Pool Supply and Service

Dolphin Pool Supply is an employee-owned company which has been in the business of swimming pool supply and services since 1957.  Dolphin Pool Supply values customers as the most important asset of the business taking their every need with high regard to ensure client satisfaction.

Dolphin Pool Supply provides swimming pool supplies and services in Dallas and Flower Mound.

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