Simple Pool Remodeling Ideas That Make A Big Difference

Pool remodeling is a specialty which takes experience and know how. Dolphin Pool Supply And Service operates exclusively in the DFW area. This ensures we are familiar with the age of local pools and their unique problems. We also know to expect certain problems such as expansive soil conditions and unique water quality. Dolphin Pool Supply And Service knows how to work with these challenges from day one. This will help to avoid unexpected surprises which inevitably lead to additional costs and extra services.

Pools are redone for various reasons, the primary one is to bring its look and feel up to contemporary standards. Old pools may require repairs to equipment, masonry and mechanical if they are going to remain reliable and trouble free. New technology can add fresh features and energy conservation to a pool’s maintenance and operation.

Some of these simple upgrades are:

Handrails: We install powder-coated handrails rather than shiny metal rails that can burn hands in triple-digit temperatures. It’s a good feature for older homeowners or anyone trying to make the pool safer or more accessible.


Waterline Tile: New waterline tile can dramatically change the
 look of your pool. It’s rare to change the waterline tile without also resurfacing the pool in either plaster or an upgraded pebble or stone surface.

Automatic Leveler: Newer pools typically have an automatic leveler that fills or levels off the pool after evaporation causes the water level to drop. If your pool doesn’t have one, it can be installed. We will have to run a new line underground and tap into your outdoor spigot, or sprinkler line.


Tanning Ledge: A Tanning Ledge is a flat, shallow surface in the pool that is typically about 6 inches deep. It provides a cool spot to place a lounge chair. Tanning Ledges are easy to do, but really shouldn’t be added without resurfacing the entire pool. This way the step matches perfectly and looks planned.

Water Features: Water features with modern lines, such as pillars with stone, or metal bowls are increasingly popular. They do need an elevated structural base to give the desired “splashing” sound.




Dolphin Pool Supply & Service has been in the swimming pool supply and pool service business since 1967. They are an employee owned company and believes their customers are the most important asset we have.

With locations in Dallas & Flower Mound, Dolphin Pools is ready to provide you with all of your pool and spa needs.

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