Do You Still Need Pool Maintenance During the Winter Months?

Do You Still Need Pool Maintenance During the Winter Months? | Dolphin Pool Supply and Service Dallas Texas

It is easy to understand why folks want to have their pool serviced during the swimming season. The maintenance to keep a pool sparkling and ready to use at a moment’s notice. However, it can be a tedious task for pool owners, not to mention, other than the team at Dolphin, who really wants to stand outside in 100 degree temperatures and service the pool? That is not the fun part of pool ownership! We get many questions for pool owners on whether or not they should service their pool during the winter months. If you really think about it, the winter months are the hardest on your pool and pool equipment and can spell disaster for your pool without the proper pool maintenance intervening. Here are a few reasons to consider pool service during the winter months: 

1. Weekly checks to make sure your pool equipment is operating properly

Ensuring that all of your pool equipment is working properly at all times during the winter months will prevent costly damage and save you the money (and headaches) later down the road. Equipment such as your pump, heater, filter, and cover need to be checked regularly to keep water from freezing doing some big damage to your pool. 

2. Staining agents such as leaves and dirt removed weekly

When a pool is not in use, a build up of debris tends to leave behinds permanent stains that could make your pool look unattractive when spring and summer arrives. Regularly removing dirt and leaves will keep stains at bay. 

3. Chemical balance maintained properly

The proper water chemistry will keep algae from growing (and causing stains). A good water balance will also protect your pool from corrosion or scale buildup. 

4. Filter backwashed on a regular basis to keep system flowing properly

Regularly backwashing your filter will remove buildup and keep it at peak performance to keep your swimming pool clean.

5. Tile and walls brushed weekly to help prevent surface staining and algae.

Keeping tiles and walls clean will keep stains and algae from sticking, saving you time and energy when it’s time to officially open the pool in the warmer months. 

Poolside entertaining in cooler temperatures can be nice. Keep the pool ready for a fun time at anytime during the year. The Dolphin team will do the work so you don’t have to. Learn more about our routine pool maintenance services. 

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