The Straight Skinny on Pool Covers for Your Dallas Pool

The Straight Skinny on Pool Covers for Your Dallas Pool

Is this you, struggling to keep the swimming pool clean in the fall and winter? Who wants to be out there in the cold and wet weather, holding a cold metal pole, dipping out trash bags full of soggy nasty leaves? And heaven forbid you accidentally fall in trying to wrestle a 30 lb. load of cold wet leaves out of the pool! That’s the true definition of cold right there! You don’t have to deal with it! There are a few pool cover options that can really make your fall and winter pool care a breeze.

The Straight Skinny on Pool Covers for Your Dallas Pool | Dolphin Pool Supply and Service Dallas Texas

Safety Mesh Pool Covers

There is no doubt that Anchor Mesh Safety Covers are the pool covers that always leave our customers the most satisfied. They last many years, provide a high level of safety, as well as keep most debris out of the swimming pool. 

These covers must be professionally measured and installed, as they are custom made to fit the swimming pool perfectly. You don’t need to be worried about multiple levels, raised walls or planters, or any other complication. Believe us, we’ve seen it all, and they can be accommodated. We come out and carefully measure each pool for a custom fit. We drill into the deck and install flush – mount anchors that pop up when it’s time to put the cover on. The cover can easily be taken off and on with two people in a short period of time, making it an ideal cover for off-season and in-season use. The cover is attached onto the anchors using a sewn-in strap with spring tensioners. This allows the cover to be stretched extremely tightly all the way around the pool, preventing entry into the pool by debris, or even people. The cover is strong enough to last for years; pictures have even circulated online of this safety mesh cover with an elephant walking out on it! They have even kept automobiles from sinking down into the bottom of the pool, and saved kittens, dogs, and children from drowning in an unattended swimming pool.

An important thing to note is that this cover can stretch so tightly over the pool, that leaves and debris that fall on the cover cannot get under the tight seal around the edge of the pool, and can be blown off of the cover using a standard yard blower. This keeps the cover looking good during the entire off-season. Rain water seeps through the cover so that it won’t build up a huge puddle on top of the cover for you to deal with.

Swimming pools will need to circulate a short period of time daily, and it will need periodic adjustment of the water chemistry, so plan on peeling back a small area of the cover to visually inspect the pool, and test the water every 2-to-4 weeks. This method provides the best off-season experience that a swimming pool owner can have!

The Straight Skinny on Pool Covers for Your Dallas Pool | Dolphin Pool Supply and Service Dallas Texas

Waterbag Covers

The next type of cover we’ll talk about provides some of the benefits of the safety cover at a much lower cost, but doesn’t deliver quite the same satisfying experience.

You should take the maximum length and width of the swimming pool, add 5’ to each, and get a cover of that size or larger. It will be a large rectangle that cannot be cut or altered in any way. Long water tubes are filled with water and placed around the edge of the pool to keep the cover in place. The excess cover material can then be folded or tucked under the water bags for a cleaner, neater installation. These covers come in a mesh or solid material.


The Straight Skinny on Pool Covers for Your Dallas Pool | Dolphin Pool and Spa Service Dallas Texas


Solid Polyethelene Waterbag Covers

This is a lightweight, solid cover that can be used to truly winterize the swimming pool. With a solid cover, you can successfully treat the water, clean the pool, put the cover on the pool, drain out the equipment, shut off the electrical power to the pool, and not run it or clean it all fall and winter. The pool will look as good in the spring as when you put it to bed in the fall. The solid cover is not without its own drawbacks, however. Since the cover is not able to be stretched tightly, it will sag down and almost float on the surface of the pool. This means that both rainwater and leaves will collect on top of it. If left unattended, these elements will steep like tea making a nasty mess on top of the cover, not to mention the hassle of dealing with this mess come springtime. The best way to handle this is to keep a small submersible pump handy to pump rainwater off of the top of the cover, and use your pool brush and leaf rake to manually remove leaves and debris as they accumulate. This will make your springtime uncovering much easier and rewarding.

There are air pillows and such that can be placed under the cover, and these will force water and debris closer to the pool’s edge, but don’t think for one minute that the water and debris will run off the cover. There is no way to avoid puddles on top of this kind of cover. 

Mesh Waterbag Covers

The last type of cover we will talk about are mesh waterbag covers. The measuring and installation of these covers are the same as the solid covers we discussed before, with the advantage of allowing water to seep through them. Since they allow water to enter the swimming pool, it cannot be used as a true winterization cover. The swimming pool filter pump must run a minimum of 4 hrs. per day.

Even though this cover is a mesh material, water will still build up on top of it, just not as much. It cannot be stretched tight enough to keep water from building up on top of it. The water and leaves will steep like tea, and a fine powder will go through the cover and into the pool. For best results, manually clean debris off of the cover as it accumulates. You’ll be glad you did when you take the cover off in the spring.


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