Summer Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Dallas Backyard Looking Beautiful

Summer Landscaping Tips to Keep Your Dallas Backyard Looking Beautiful

Landscaping is a perfect way to join creativity and nature together to make your backyard absolutely beautiful. Every season comes a whole new opportunity to enhance the look of your outdoor living space in both your back and front yards. However, the most challenging season for growing plants and maintaining lawns is the summer. As it gets hotter, plants will wilt and soil will dry. Even worse, many towns and cities have water restrictions that can make plant hydration difficult. Don’t sweat it, though, we have some landscaping tips to continue to maintain a beautiful summer garden in Dallas.

Move Your At-Risk Plants

Not all plants are affected by the hot and dry Dallas weather, but those that are will suffer severe damage if left unattended. Determine your at-risk plants and have them as top priority. These include newly planted trees and shrubs, flower beds, and planted perennials.

Look for Signs of Dehydration

The most evident signs of dehydration in plants is wilting. However, in addition to wilting, there are some other signs to look for, such as bluish-greenish or brownish leaves, translucent leaves, curled or shriveled blades or leaves, weak stems, slow growth or premature blossom drop.

Water Deeply

It’s important to be aware of your city or local community’s water restrictions and to follow these imposed restrictions for your yard or swimming pool. Know how many times a week you’re allowed to water your lawn, how much water, and for how long. Additionally, it’s always better to water early in the morning than any other time in the day. Watering is the evening also works, but may develop plant diseases like moss. It’s always good to water deeply and less frequently to avoid plant dehydration or during the early signs of plant hydration. By watering deeply, you’re allowing roots to grow deeper creating a stronger plant.

Add Mulch to Beds and Gardens

To avoid tender plants from getting dehydrated, increase the microorganism activity by keeping flower beds and vegetable gardens mulched. Mulching midsummer makes life more comfortable for your plants. Mulch is not made to mix in with soil but to lie on top as a extra covering from the heat.

Feed with the Right Fertilizer

Sometimes, suffering plants are a result of nutritional deficiencies and this is where a good fertilizer comes in to boost health and growth. For summertime, its better to use a fertilizer in the form of an emulsion (fertilizer and water). By opting for a solution rather than a dry fertilizer, you give plants to receive enough moisture to take in the fertilizer immediately.


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