The Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers in Texas

Automatic pool covers are a safe and effective way to protect your children, not only during the winter months but all year around. Automatic pool covers operate much like manual pool covers but will cover your pool at the touch of a button. The machinery used is quite simple and can be installed easily on virtually any standard pool.

The Benefits of Automatic Pool Covers in Texas | Dolphin Pool Supply Dallas Texas Easier Covering Promotes Safety

There are many times that a homeowner may know that they should cover their pool but may not do it because it’s simply too much of a hassle. Automatic pool covers make the entire process much easier and thus make it more likely that the pool will remain covered whenever it isn’t being used. Otherwise, a homeowner may find themselves putting off the task. Even homes that don’t have small children should keep their pools covered to retain the pool’s cleanliness.

Covering is Especially Useful in the Winter Months

While our Dallas winters are mild compared to our northern neighbors, we do still experience freezing temperatures and this can be harmful to your pool. A cold pool is also far more dangerous than a warm pool. Children and even adults may panic if they accidentally fall into icy water, and the numbing temperature of the water can make it difficult to climb out. Very cold water can even present a danger to the family pet. An automatic cover is an excellent solution for the winter months and will allow you to prepare in advance for the warmer months when your pool will be in use.

It’s easy to forget about pool safety during the cold months, but accidental drownings happen in the winter too. Automatic pool covers aren’t the only way to protect your family from open pools. During the winter you may want to consider draining your pool entirely. If you have small children, there are fencing options that can prevent them from ever accessing the pool area. Uncovered pools can be very dangerous for small children even when they are properly monitored. To keep your family and pets safe this winter while protecting your pool’s interior from harsh weather, automatic pool covers are a wonderful option.


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