The Best Products for Dealing with Pool Scaling and Stains

The Best Products for Dealing with Pool Scaling and Stains

Scale and stains can really affect the look and beauty of your swimming pool, especially the tile and pool surface. Although they are different pool issues, the causes and treatment for these issues are somewhat similar. Take a look at these tips from Dolphin Pools for treating scaling and stains on your pool so you can extend the life of it for years to come.


Scale normally begins to appear on the pool tile first, a white film on the tile that will not brush off, making the tile appear faded, give it an worn look. If you catch it soon enough, scale can be cleaned off with Poolife Tile Cleaner Rx and a good scrubbing mitt, like the Rola-Chem Ultra Mitt.

Regular cleaning of the tile with these two products will prevent the scale from forming into a hard, crusty layer, and will keep your tile looking sparkly and new!

If you’ve allowed the scale to build up to the point that Tile Cleaner Rx cannot remove it, you will need something a bit stronger. For those instances, we recommend using a product called Scalemaster that does a great job on tougher scale formations. Scalemaster effervesces the scale, allowing you to take off the scale layer by layer.

Another product for the tough scale formation is the Pool Blok, a pumice stone that can be used to remove hard, crusty scale. This pumice stone must be kept wet during use to prevent scratching up the tile surface. It is very effective, but does require a lot of elbow grease and makes a bit of a mess as it’s used.

Overall, scale on the pool surface is a problem that is best prevented, rather than cleaned off after it has formed. Scale on the pool surface can trap stains underneath, and generally results in a wide area of discoloration that will look like a grey rough area on white plaster pools.

It is important to keep the pH of the pool water at or below 7.6, as higher pH levels are scale-forming. The calcium hardness level should be kept below 500 parts per million to control as well. Pools with a calcium hardness level of 500 ppm or higher should always be treated routinely with Poolife Stain Stop to prevent scale formation. Another method of treatment for high hardness levels is to lower it by partially draining the pool water and refilling it with softer water. Consult with one of our Dolphin service professionals to estimate the amount of dilution required.

The pH of salt pool water is constantly on the rise. Salt pool owners should always use Jack’s Magic Magenta Stuff to routinely ward off scale formation, as well as prevent scale from forming on the cell unit.

Once the scale has formed on the pool surface, the only practical way to remove it is to drain and acid wash the surface (this does make the surface rough), or replastering. You can see that that prevention is really the best policy when it comes to scale!


There are really two types of stains that regularly occur in swimming pools, organic and metallic. Organic stains are from things like leaves, algae, or dirt that have been left in the pool for too long, and have left behind a stain that doesn’t brush off with a standard nylon brush. These can generally be removed by throwing standard chlorine shock over the stains, and brushing them with a stainless steel bristled brush.

Metal stains are more difficult to remove, and once again, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Have your pool water tested routinely by one of our in-store professionals. Our advanced testing methods will test for metals as well as the standard pool balance. We will recommend Poolife Intensive Stain Prevention if there are any metals present. this product should be used on an ongoing basis as long as there are metals are in the pool water.

If the metal stains are already embedded in the plaster surface, there are a couple of products available to assist in removing them. Poolife Intensive Stain Protection in sufficient quantities,combined with frequent brushing with a wire brush will remove fresh metal stains. If the stains have been left for too long, it may take the use of Poolife Stain Lift, Pool Stain Treat, or Sodium Erythorbate to remove them. The last resort, as with scale, is to drain and acid wash, or replaster the pool.

The best approach is to prevent scale and stains before they occur, and the secret to that is regular, professional water analysis, routine cleaning and brushing, correct water balance, and the regular use of preventative scale and stain preventers.

Drop by one of our two locations and discuss your stain and scale issues with one of our professionals. You’ll be glad you did, and your pool’s surface will thank you!


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