The Dangers of Improper Winterization

The Dangers of Improper Winterization | Dallas Pool Supply DallasWhen winterizing your pool, you should keep in mind what can occur if you don’t winterize your pool properly. Many people fail to understand the importance of winterizing their pool and thus don’t complete the process correctly.

Preventing Damage to the Pool

A pool that freezes over can cause significant damage to the interior of the pool. It can also cause pipes to burst in the ground. You may not even know the extent of the damage until later on. Preventing damage to your pool often takes only a single evening but repairing pool damage due to frost can take many thousands of dollars.

Preventing Hazards to Your Family

A frosted over pool can present a serious risk to your family, even if the pool is covered. Should the pool cover slip at an inopportune moment, a family member or even family pet could easily slip under the ice. Once this occurs, it can be very difficult for anyone to get above the surface of the water again. Winterizing and draining a pool during the winter months can prevent such tragedies from occurring.

Preventing Algae and Bacterial Growth

In many areas the water may still be warm enough to promote algae or bacterial growth even if the water is not warm enough to swim in. Algae bloom can occur very quickly and can completely take over a pool throughout the winter. Once algae takes over a pool, you will need to drain your pool and clean it thoroughly to get rid of it.

Understanding why you need to winterize your pool is the first step towards winterizing it correctly. If you don’t feel that you can winterize your pool as is necessary, it’s best to hire a professional rather than leave the job incomplete. A poorly winterized pool can have serious ramifications.


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