Why You Should Winterize Your Pool and How to Do So

Why You Should Winterize Your Pool and How to Do So

Your backyard pool is your paradise and you should be taking care of it. Now that fall is upon us, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your pool. If you’d like to continue using your pool year after year without major hassles, this is a critical step in proper pool maintenance.

Purpose of Winterization

During the winter, things get cold. Just as plants can be damaged by harsh winter temperatures, so can your pool. Wintery conditions have a tricky way of taking things over, whether it’s the pool or pool equipment.

Not only can damages occur, but algae, bacteria, and other forms of life can start to grow in your pool. Without proper treatment, these living things will treat your pool as their personal refuge, growing without reservation. Keeping them out is the key to keeping your pool looking fresh and clean when it opens in spring.

Winterizing your pool could also save you money since you run the risk of damaging your pool if you don’t take the proper steps to keep it safe throughout winter. Take the needed precautions to prevent costly repairs by investing in the time to winterize your pool.

How to Winterize

Follow these easy steps to not only ensure a successful pool closing, but a clean and easy opening in the spring.

  1. Shock your pool and make sure that all chemicals are in balance. After everything reaches normal numbers, add some algaecide to prevent algae growth during the winter months.
  2. Remove the ladder, cleaners, skimmer baskets and other items from your pool. Keep these items away from the freezing temperatures so that they don’t get damaged. It’s important to make sure that all items are clean before you put them in storage to prevent mold, mildew and other bacteria growth.
  3. Drain all of your pumps, filters and heaters so that there is no water inside. Like mentioned before, frost and ice can be damaging very quickly, so ensure that these expensive items are safe and sound.
  4. Lower the water and lubricate any rusty joints, rings, or other parts. Just like the Tin Man, these metal parts need some love. Ensuring that these parts are lubricated during the winter will make your life a little bit easier when it’s time to open the pool next year.
  5. Put a solid cover around the pool to prevent any frost or ice from entering. Old Man Winter can never be trusted, as you never know what kind of weather will show up during these Texas winters.

Winter Pool Check

If you’re not the DIY type, Dolphin Pool Supply & Service is here to help. We can provide a fall/winter pool check for only $75 this year. One of our licensed repair technicians will come to your home to make sure that everything is in check. This inspection includes: freeze protection, pumps, filter, pool heater, and almost everything in between.

Contact us today to get one of our quality repair technicians to check out your pool and prepare your backyard home for those chilly temperatures!


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