Should You Winterize Your Dallas Pool?

Should You Winterize Your Dallas Pool?

Pool Winterization in Dallas, Texas

Winter is bearing down on us quickly here in Dallas. Fortunately, we are blessed with typically mild temperatures throughout most of the winter. Over the past 30 years temperatures have dipped below freezing an average of 33 times per season. However, it is not unusual to enjoy a nice 80 degree day at Christmas. With the mild temperatures and occasional warm days in the middle of winter, Dolphin Pools does not recommend pool winterization in the way you may think. While our northern neighbors have to go through a whole process for winterization, which includes partially draining the pool, adding antifreeze to the pool lines and plugging all the returns and suction lines, we do not recommend taking such exhaustive measures. We do, however, recommend that you take some precaution with your pool. If you leave your pool off all winter long here in Dallas Texas, your pool will be a green, algae infested monster when you begin to start it back up in the spring. Trying to turn a pool from a smelly, green monster back into a beautiful backyard oasis takes a lot of time and money.

Which one would you rather start up in the spring?

What we consider pool winterization entails making certain your freeze protection unit is operating properly and that the unit is clean and operating at peak efficiency. You also want to insure that the pumps, filter, heater, chlorinator, and all plumbing are working properly and are leak free. 

We recommend that you set the filtration system to operate at night when the temperatures are the coldest. Your freeze protection unit turns on your pool pump when the temperature drops to near freezing. Moving water will not freeze. By programming the system to run at night instead of during the day you will save money on your electric bill. If the pool is set to run during the day and the freeze guard turns it on at night, well, that’s double duty and you may have to end up paying for it! 

Dolphin Pools offer a Winter Protection Inspection where we will come out and make sure you are ready for the winter months ahead. Call today and reserve your spot on the schedule!


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